The following parameters are available in appsettings.json, listed with their default settings:

  "RocketSocketsConfig": {
    "unityBinaryConnectionPort": 1337,
    "unityConnectionTickRate": 33,
    "defaultWebSocketsConnectionPort": 7779,
    "useSecureWebSockets": false,
    "webSocketsCertificatePath": "",
    "webSocketsCertificatePassword": ""

The following is a list of them with short descriptions:

  • unityBinaryConnectionPort - The port to connect with Unity. Must be set the same as in the RocketSockets Transport inside Unity.
  • unityConnectionTickRate - The rate to poll Unity for updates. Set to 16hz for “60fps”.
  • defaultWebSocketsConnectionPort - The port of the default server that will start when RocketSockets starts.
  • useSecureWebSockets - Whether or not to enable WSS.
  • webSocketsCertificatePath - The path to the certificate, relative to the RocketSockets binary. Must be in PFX format and must be configured to enable WSS.
  • webSocketsCertificatePassword - The password to the certificate from webSocketsCertificatePath.